Coaches Corner


Welcome to the coaches corner! Please check out the Team Handbook on the resources page. It outlines my expectations, as well as providing a great deal of other userful information. Please take some time to read through the handbook, as I'm sure you will find it useful!

Amador Valley Track and Field athletes are asked to abide by the three A’s of Amador Valley Track and Field at all times while they are part of the team. If they are able to follow these three A’s, they will be successful in their time with the team. Although we are only at practice for a couple of hours per day, the three A’s are a 24/7/365 responsibility.

Asset. Each athlete competes in his or her own event and there are a limited number of athletes who score in each event (there are anywhere from 3 to 8 scoring athletes in each event depending on the meet), but we treat track and field as a team sport and as such every athlete is important to our team and has something to offer. Some run the fastest, some jump the highest, and some throw the farthest, but all can be great teammates by being inspirational, supportive, hard-working, great communicators, bringing levity at appropriate times, and in an all-encompassing way, bringing leadership to the team. All of these traits and many which are not mentioned here are vitally important to the success of any program. Each athlete must figure out how to positively affect the team and make an effort to do that every day.

Ambassador. It is a privilege to be a part of the Amador Valley Track and Field team as it is to be part of any athletic program at Amador Valley High School. Athletes on our team should be proud to be on our team and to attend Amador Valley High School. They must do everything they can to represent our team and school in the most positive way possible. The behaviors of our athletes, both good and bad, reflect back on our whole program and our school at large. It is our job to build upon that reputation. This responsibility applies not only when you are at meets, but also in the classroom and in public.

Ambitious. "Every noble work is at first impossible."-Thomas Carlyle. As a program we always want to be taking the next step. To do that we have to have individuals who also want to take the next step. We don’t want to set goals for ourselves that are easy to achieve; we want to set goals that will be difficult to achieve and require substantial effort. Athletes must put their time, energy, and hearts into their training and believe that we can achieve greatly if given enough time. Athletes must use their imaginations, dream big, and push each other to achievements that seem impossible when we first start talking about them. Then through dedication and hard work, turn the impossible into reality.

So, be an asset, be an ambassador, and be ambititious. Not only today, but every day of your life. Go Dons!

- Coach Ozzie